Germany Trip, 1999
After the vwVR6 Treffen,
 more-or-less in chronological order
Click Pics for bigger versions!

VR6 T3 (Vanagon, Pick-up Version!)
Pop the cover in the bed, and there it is,
  A longitudinally Mounted VR6!
 The view from the engine hatch in the rear.
Inside the Beetle Clinic.
The "VW Forum" in Berlin. 
A mall full of VW products, just to look at, not for sale.
Euro Jetta (Bora) Headlights with projector beams.
A funky Golf interior
Massive construction in Berlin.  It's unbelievable how much money is pouring into that city.  No wonder German taxes are so high!
The Brandenburg Gate,
 probably the most famous landmark in Berlin.
Another view of the Brandenburg Gate.
The street in front of the Gate has a row of cobblestones where "The Wall" used to be.
A memorial to some of the people who perished trying to cross the Wall in Berlin.  Each cross has a name and date on it.  Tragically, the last one was in May of '89, less than 6 months before the Wall came down.
The Reichstag, the old (and soon to be again) German Parliament building, the equivalent of the US Capitol Building
Another view of the Reichstag
Steffen Dieckmann's VR6 Turbo Passat.  Wow. 
The Turbo.   Don't know the exact model.  It's based on the HGP kit, but with an intercooler added.  Makes about 300hp.
The Engine
The back of the engine
Steffen's wife's Polo G40 "Genesis" model.  Only 500 were made.
The G40 from the rear.  This car is for sale.  Priced around $7000 US.   I'd buy in in a minute if it were legal here.
A Church in my hometown of Freiburg.
One of the two remaining City Gates in Freiburg. The old part of the city was, in Feudal times, completely enclosed within a wall to keep the bad guys out.   Of seven gates, only two remain.

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