First Annual Treffen at the Nürburgring
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On the Autobahn, on the way to Nürburg
H&R Coil-Overs can be a bit bouncy on a rough surface at speed!  No, not all autobahns are glass-smooth!
In the Hotel, the night before the Treffen.  People came from as far away as Austria and Berlin (~8 hour drives).   Oh, and one idiot flew in from the states! :-)
At the track!  The North Loop of the 'Ring is open to the public most every day from spring through fall.   It's over 12 miles long and has approximately 150 curves!   There are three small towns inside the track!
Because of all the curves, you are doing really well if you average 60mph on this track.   Except for the long straight leading to the start/finish line, you run the entire course in 2nd and 3rd gear.
One of the few short relatively straight sections.  What made things even more interesting is that it had rained the night before and was still slightly drizzly in the morning and the track was damp!
Since nobody wanted to risk trashing their car, we kept the speeds in the curves very reasonable.  And with the length and number of curves, you do not "learn" this track after a lap or two! 
Hmm.  I wonder what's beyond that rise.  You can count on a curve, probably a right, but how sharp?
We gonna catch that Porsche?  Nah, probably not!
The People.
The idiot who flew in from the States is wearing a green sweater and khaki pants in the far right of the picture.

The cars, all lined up.  Shortly after we lined them all up, some other Golf belonging to someone who is not a member and was just hanging out pulled his car into the lineup as well.

Somewhat closer views of the cars.   They ranged from pretty much stock to a 350+ hp Turbo VR6.  Unfortunately, that one ruptured the membrane in the wastegate on the way to the Treffen and wasn't making any boost.
Notice the US-military plates on the black Golf?  Hecho en Mexico, that one!   It belongs to Spurgeon Foster.   Damn, I wish I'd had my car there!
The people with their cars.
Time for Lunch..
No beer here!
After we eat, we're gonna go back to the track and drive some more!
Hey, who's that obviously non-German guy?  Yes Foster,  you now have proof you were there!
The town.  Nürburg is a very small town, with essentially only one main road running through it.
After lunch, before heading back to the track, we hang out in town for a while 
A few people who had long drives home and had to be at work on Monday morning departed at this point.
The guy who flew in from the States installs a Garrett Chip while a bunch of people watch.  Hey, it was a "Business Trip" after all! :-)

* Photos Courtesy of Tommy Roeder, orginals on his page below
** Photo courtesy of "Sebbo", orginal on his page below
All other Photos by Uwe Ross, using an Olympus D500L

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