A little tour during construction.  
September 1996                                             Deutscher Text

front_1.jpg (44677 bytes)
From the front, left.   You can see the a portion of the old ranch-style house on the left.  
Michael is standing in front of the addition.  The brick wall on the first floor of the
addition is the only part of the old garage that remains.

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Now we've walked around a little to the right and are looking at it from the north.

side.jpg (33512 bytes)
Keep going in the same direction around the side.  Garage doors weren't installed yet.

rear_1.jpg (41709 bytes)
Keep going around the back.   The vertical area where there's no siding is where the
chimney for the gas boiler is.   We plan to install a deck off the second floor,
(hence the door) but haven't gotten to that even as of this writing (1/99).

rear_2.jpg (44673 bytes)
Keep going around, this is the view from the south.  Here you can see some of the
old house again.

One the next page, we'll go inside.